What’s a Booster

What it’s takes to run a booster club for the biggest and smallest organizations at Martin

Helena Snegon, News Editor


   Sports, fine arts and other organizations at Martin have booster clubs that are run by dedicated parents who volunteer their time running the clubs for their respective organizations.                                                                                                                          

     First Event is held on the first day of  each school each year where money is raised for the booster clubs by selling merchandise to show your spirit for each organization. The most popular table this year was the Orchestra table that had a crowd of people buying pajama pants. The pajama pants have been a staple of the Orchestra booster for three years now, and even though they are very popular, some people are trying to copy the PJ pants success.

 “I  think that it’s unfortunate that there may be some copycat PJ pants out there, but the main reason is because with all our spirit wear, all the money goes towards the Orchestra program and the Orchestra students who benefit from it,” Orchestra and Tennis booster club president Angie Snegon said. “Also, the money raised goes towards scholarships for trips, seniors and private lessons for the Orchestra program.”

The Orchestra booster club isn’t just about pajama pants, it’s a booster that is run by parents who volunteer their time in helping and fundraising for the Orchestra program. 

     “The booster club is going really well because we have some very awesome parents that are very dedicated and they look for out-of-the-box fundraising activities to do,” Head Orchestra director Jamie Ovalle said. “They’re really supportive of the Orchestra’s needs. So if we say we need to purchase a violin, then they say, ‘Yes, let’s do it,’ because they’re really interested in helping out with the program.” 

     With the parents running the booster and helping out the Orchestra, all the directors said they are grateful for them and what they do every year to make the booster and Orchestra program successful.

   “I think the most important part is support,” Ovalle said. “Not only from that core group of parents, but just emotionally because they really do help. By telling us thank you for what you’re doing for the kids and everything, but also financially. They are the ones that run Hollywood Nights which is the biggest fundraiser. So they just go above and beyond to make sure that we’re supported. They’re just like our cheerleaders that give us some extra money to spend on orchestra supplies.”

     One of the biggest organizations on campus this year is Band with 245 students. This group of Band kids has been the biggest in the last four years and has one of the biggest booster clubs with 25 board members.

     “Our Band Booster Leadership Team has many positions because we are active all year long,” Band booster club president Lisa Starr said. “Our positions help us make sure the Band is running efficiently and effectively throughout marching/competition season, concert season, Winter Guard season, percussion competitions, jazz band competitions, summer band camp and more.”

     Running one of the biggest booster clubs is no easy task. 

     “While it is challenging to be president of an organization of this size and caliber, it is extremely rewarding,” Starr said. “I have met (and continue to meet) so many wonderful parents who give so freely of their time, talents and energy – and we have a lot of fun together. Also, it’s so much fun to get to know the Band students and have a front row seat to their growth throughout the years. Band teaches students so much more than music, and I love being just a small part of that learning,”