Quarantine hair, don’t care

Students and teachers experiment with color and cuts during the pandemic


Jordan Clark, News Editor

Cut. Shave. Dye. These are things many students have done to their hair over quarantine. To pass the time in quarantine many of Martin’s students and teachers decided to hop on this fun trend and do something crazy with their hair. They say quarantine is the best time to do something impulsive and out of the box,  so having a fun hair color was just a simple way to bring a little more joy into these chaotic times. 


junior Lynzie Chavez

“I shaved my head.  Honestly did it just so I could say that I’ve shaved my head and what better time than quarantine?” junior Lynzie Chavez said, “My parents were shocked. I’ve done similar things in the past but never this drastic. When my little brothers first saw they actually started crying, but it’s grown on them.”


senior Alyssa Hart

“I dyed my hair red using a box dye,” senior Alyssa Hart said.  “I was bored and missed my freshman and sophomore year hair color. If I were to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change anything about it. If anything, I regret dyeing it back to brown after having the red for 3 or 4 months.”


senior Brooklyn Langford

“I dyed my hair pink and cut it to my shoulders because I had never done something like it before and I thought quarantine would be the perfect time to try it out,” senior Brooklyn Lankford said. “Dyeing my hair made me feel more confident in myself and the way I looked.”



Jaiden Valentine

“I bleached it, then dyed my hair a blueish color,” junior Jaiden Valentine said. “One thing that I’d change is that I’d wear gloves next time, it was a huge mess without them. My mom said I could dye my hair because the previous coloring was fading. But most of my other family was being fake nice, like they’d say, ‘Oh… It looks so… nice.’ Obviously not meaning it.”


English teacher Kathleen Blanchard

I did it myself, with the help of my sister and mother,” English teacher Kathleen Blanchard said. “We dyed my sister’s hair dark purple that night too. I really blame my sister for how bright pink my hair got. We started with a little less pink, but she got frustrated with how long it was taking and just started dumping the dye straight onto my hair!”