The longest Spring Break ever

Ruby Cisneros, Reporter

Spring break. The last time students would be in school for the 2019-2020 school year. Everyone was so excited for spring break to start but what they didn’t know was no one would be returning the following week. 

Sophomore Raven Blake provided insight on how she felt about not returning to school and how distance learning is going for her.

“I was really upset that I didn’t get to say bye to some of my teachers,” Blake said. “I had a good connection with a few of them and I also really love that last day of school feeling and I was a little sad I didn’t get to have my last day of freshman year.”

With starting the school year still going on with distance learning, it’s taken a toll on some people. Being home and trying to get your work done can be very easily distracting. 

“It’s definitely very different and much harder for me,” Blake said. “I miss being able to go to school and see my friends and experience things face to face. It isn’t the same being online and to be honest I can’t focus.”

Last year for seniors was truly a heartbreak as the end of the year is what everyone dreams about graduating and leaving off to college.

“I was really looking forward to graduating and getting to go to college,” former Martin 2020 senior Abbey Horne said. “I’ve never really been far from home for a long time so I was super excited to experience that.”

Prom was definitely one of the biggest heartbreaks for former senior Chloee Armagost. One of the biggest nights ruined by the pandemic. 

“I felt pretty bummed about prom because I bought my dress and I had everything planned out and all my family was excited to see me go off to prom,” she said. “I’m not going to lie, I cried when I found out it was canceled. I felt as if it was my fault somehow because I knew it was too good to be true. I just am very shocked because one moment I’m getting everything set then the next second I have to cancel it all.”