Sports programs adapting to new normal

Sports programs adapting to new normal

Sports are looking different this year with changes to everyday routines, and athletes are worried if they are going to be able to play. There is so much uncertainty and not a lot of answers.

“I am not too worried about the season getting canceled because our sport isn’t a contact sport,” junior Kate Atkins said. 

Atkins is on the varsity cross country team here at Martin. The cross country team began practice on June 8, just months after the school cancelation in March. 

“I loved getting to start practice in June because I hadn’t seen people in a while due to being quarantined,” Atkins said. “It was so great being allowed to do what I love with some of my closest friends.”

The first cross country meet was scheduled for August but was later pushed back to Sept. 10.

With the extra time meant extra training for the team. 

“Our girls this season look better than ever,” Atkins said. “Our training has been so great, yet super difficult, which has led us to where we are now. Our training is six days a week at 6 a.m.”

When spring sports got the notice of the cancelation, track had only run four meets.

“I had a leg injury during the beginning of track season, but with track being cut short, it allowed me to recover,” Atkins said. “I have been training every week since June. Putting in the work really pays off.” 

The cross country team raced at the 2020 “2 Miles” Texans Cross Country meet Sept. 10 in Fort Worth. Both Varsity boys and girls teams placed first overall, as well as the JV girls. The JV boys placed second. 

The few changes to follow Covid guidelines included wearing a mask all times other than when running, each box on the starting line six feet from other teams, and all varsity had to be off the course before junior varsity could start to warm up. 

With that, the cross country season is on and the team is looking forward to their season.

Last spring, Baseball was canceled due to the school lockdown.

“Our season was just getting started,” sophomore Logan Myers said. “We had played a few scrimmages and pre-season games, but we were going to start district play the week after spring break if it didn’t get canceled.”     

Myers said he was enjoying his first year on varsity when his season was canceled. 

“I worked so hard and was looking forward to the season,” he said. 

The baseball team since then has not been able to start practice at Martin and are just waiting for answers. 

“We try to get together whenever we can and run practices ourselves without the coaches,” Myers said. “I am trying to work out and  work on aspects of my game every day for the fall season.”

There will be some changes to the overall game and practices, but at this point nothing has been finalized.

Football season is right around the corner. The first game is Sept. 25 at AT&T Stadium.

“Football season will look a lot like football season – with a few twists,” Head Football Coach, Bob Wager said. “Players masked up, socially distanced on sidelines, drinking water in designated locations.” 

The football team started strength and speed camp in June and practice officially started Sept. 7 with UIL’s guidelines in place 

“Our coaching routine has remained very similar, with the addition of daily Covid symptom checks, temperature checks, and players spread out across five different fields,” Wager said.

With the start of the season in late September, it has given players time to practice the needed skills and work on getting fully ready for the season.

“Players and coaches are ecstatic to play,” Wager said. “It’s what we love and we’re proud to represent our community. Football season is going to be a kickstart for our return to normalcy as a society.”