Travel safely this holiday season

Lilly Griffiths, Features Editor

Covid is still a major aspect of our lives, but as time goes on guidelines are being added in regards to safe traveling amidst the pandemic. Here are some guidelines that are required by Texas and its surrounding states – New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.


-Avoid close contact with anyone who is showing symptoms of COVID-19

-Wear a cloth face-covering in public spaces and  large gatherings

-Social distance, stay 6 feet apart

-Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds at a time

-Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth (especially if your hands are not washed or clean)

Here’s a video from John Hopkins Medicine on how to properly wash your hands:


New Mexico: 

-Face coverings are required and if you are caught violating this rule you can be faced with a fine of $100

-If traveling from a high-risk state there is a mandatory 14-day quarantine (If the trip is shorter, you have to quarantine for all of your trip.)

-This would apply to Texas because we are considered a high-risk state

Here is a map provided by the state to show if you’re in a high-risk state.


-Avoid unnecessary travel



-Wear a cloth face covering, this can include bandanas and scarves

-Wash your face covering very frequently

-If you start to feel sick while traveling, stay inside of your room/lodge and call for medical help immediately

Here is an infographic that is on the travel site



-Those traveling to Oklahoma are encouraged to limit indoor gatherings for 10-14 days

-Face Coverings are not strictly enforced, but they are highly suggested. Especially for those who may be sick with the virus.

-If you are quarantining, Oklahoma has  a service that delivers food and medications  to your doorstep

-Included in this infographic, the number 2-1-1 can be called if you need any assistance


Arkansas: is a site created by the University of Arkansas School of Journalism and Strategic Media students to inform those in Arkansas or traveling of how many cases of COVID there are daily

-Face coverings are required in every public space

-Physical distancing is encouraged 



-Masks should be worn in any public indoor space or when you’re surrounded by people who aren’t immediate family

-They have a “Keep Calm” hotline  specifically for those who are feeling stressed or are having issues regarding their home situations that can be of help to anyone feeling overwhelmed by COVID-19  (1-866-310-7977)