Making hot chocolate bombs

Making hot chocolate bombs

Madison West, Reporter

I’m sure you have seen the Tik Tok videos on making the mouthwatering hot cocoa bombs. You have probably thought, “They look easy to make” and eventually wanted to attempt to make the holiday bombs. 

But then you looked up a recipe and then thought twice about hopping on the trend. What does “tempering” chocolate mean? Where do I get the right molds? Do I need a thermometer? Wow, it’s all so overwhelming. Try not to worry because I’m going to walk you through this recipe step by step. 

First, let’s start with the ingredients and equipment needed. 

-24 ounces of good quality chocolate bar (I just used a bag a semi-sweet chocolate chips)

-Food thermometer (they are super cheap at Kroger)

-The silicone molds (I got mine off of Amazon, they were a little pricey, but worked great)

-A paintbrush (really any brush will work, but make sure it’s a clean brush)

-A piping or ziploc bag

-Hot cocoa mix (obviously)

-Mini marshmallows and sprinkles are optional 

Now that we have all the ingredients and equipment, let’s get started. 

Step 1: Chop your chocolate. You want fine small pieces. This may seem unnecessary because we’re melting it, but trust me it helps a lot and makes the process go more smoothly. 

Step 2: Temper the chocolate (it’s not as scary as it sounds). Tempering just means controlling the heat of the chocolate to make sure it’s strong. Plus this will give the chocolate bombs that shiny look. In a heatproof bowl, microwave the chocolate for 30 seconds. Then remove it from the microwave and stir with a rubber spatula. (It shouldn’t be completely melted). Place it back in the microwave for 15 seconds and stir again. Then check the temperature with your thermometer to make sure it’s not over 90 degrees. Repeat this process two to five times and make sure the temp of the chocolate doesn’t go over 90 degrees. Once it’s almost melted, keep stirring so it will melt completely. 

Step 2 Part 2: Pour some chocolate (just a little) on a small piece of parchment paper and put it in the fridge for about five minutes. If it looks shiny when you take it out, then it’s ready. If it’s not ready, add a little more chopped chocolate and stir until melted. You may need to heat it for five to ten seconds. 

Step 3:It’s time to use the molds. Make sure you clean them thoroughly and dry them with a paper towel. Paint a thin layer of chocolate onto the mold with the paintbrush. Be sure to paint all around the mold and put it in the fridge for five minutes. Apply a second coat and put in the fridge again for five more minutes. Make sure to cover the whole mold (we don’t want the chocolate to be weak and break). Also, save a little chocolate for the piping bag to connect/ seal the bombs. 

Step 4: The chocolate should easily come out of the molds.

Step 5: Flip your chocolate mold over and use the back to assemble the chocolate bombs. Fill one half with hot cocoa mix and top with marshmallows.  Take your piping bag/ziploc bag and pipe around the edge of the hot cocoa bomb and add another shell on top. 

Step 6: This is where the sprinkles come into play. Instead of being super fancy and using gloves to smooth out the chocolate, I added a little more chocolate around the edge and rolled it in sprinkles. This is completely optional and you can do whichever way works best for you. 

 You just made hot cocoa bombs! Take a few pics of the beautiful creations you just made and show them off because they look amazing. Slide into your Christmas pj’s and get a hot cup of milk or water and enjoy your treat. (I found that hot milk is better than water and tastes a lot better.) 

These Hot cocoa bombs are also great for Christmas gifts! Wrap them in a bag or Christmas gift bag and you have the perfect holiday gift. It looks great and will taste even better.