Shop small this Christmas

Ruby Cisneros, Reporter

Thinking of places to shop for a family member, a friend, or yourself can be tricky. There are so many different big corporations you can choose from, but why not shop small businesses? Supporting small businesses can help the person out tremendously. Your order could be the reason why they have food on their table or the reason why bills are paid. Big corporations make billions each year while small businesses have closed due to the pandemic. Here are a few small businesses with their Instagram names that you can support for the holiday.

Texas small businesses:

  • @sweetdazetx – A small type of bakery located in Richardson, Texas. You can enjoy desserts from cake to cereal popsicles to donuts with ice cream. You also have the option of customizing and having your orders delivered to you.
  • @jewwls_cctx – Located in Corpus Christi, Texas. You can find jewelry, clothing, and accessories such as headbands, shoes, and makeup bags. The best part is they ship their orders.
  • – They sell lashes, glitters, lip scrubs, and more. Located in San Antonio, Texas, they do pop-up shops if you’re ever in the area and have an interest in seeing their products.  

Sticker small businesses:

  • @claireyldesigns – She does hand-drawn vinyl stickers. Her stickers range from flowers, to smiley faces, to holiday ones, and more. She does shipping for the US and Canada as well! You can put stickers on your laptop, water bottles, and other hard surfaces. 
  • @graffititrashstudio – Her stickers are definitely the most aesthetic stickers. Her stickers are for bullet journals or any type of journaling but you could use them for whatever you please. She’s located in England but ships worldwide.
  • @maddiegreen.designs – Not only does she make stickers, but there are also tees, notebooks, and more available. She has the cutest and coziest holiday sweaters ever. All her stickers have a color scheme to them, making them adorable and hard to resist. 
  • @wishuponmagic – For all the Disney lovers out there, this is definitely a shop for you. Not only do they sell stickers but as well as keychains, dreamcatchers, and Disney ears. As everyone knows, Disney can be expensive, but her items are super affordable. 


Makeup small businesses:

  • @jglitzzmakeup – This small business has glitter for days. Glitter can be used in your hair, on your face, as well as your nails. If you’re not sure if you would like the glitter or not, they have small cute sample sizes for $2 that you can try out. 
  • @reza.lashes – Just starting their business located in New Mexico, they sell lashes, beauty blenders, and a backdrop. Their lashes are such high quality for a good price and they also come in a unique box shaped as a coffin. 
  • @prettythangbeautyshop – Tons of lash styles you can choose from and they definitely don’t disappoint – from lashes to sunglasses to lip products. They are super fast to ship out your order as well as making sure the packaging is cute as well. 
  • @chulasmilkylashes – Their cow logo grabs your attention as you go on their page. Shopping with them for the holidays they wrap the lash box with wrapping paper making it look like a present. You definitely won’t be disappointed shopping with them.

Jewelry/Hair/Nails/Clothing small businesses:

  • @happycow_earring – All of her jewelry is handmade. She is the most creative person I’ve seen when it comes to jewelry. Her earrings range from frog faces, to candy canes, to penguins. She takes custom orders as well. She can take anything and turn it into an earring. 
  • @_cindhysnails_ – Located in Fullerton, California. She makes the absolute cutest press on nails ever. As well as custom nails you would like. If you’re not into press on nails, she also has nail decals and stickers to put on your natural nails. 
  • @0_loveisinthehair_0 – She makes the cutest scrunchies and bows for your hair. If you have a pet dog or cat you can also buy a pet bandana to match with your scrunchie. Simple yet cute gift for this holiday season. 
  • @thefmlyshop – Another Disney lover shop. This business is run by a couple who lives in Orlando, Florida. They make the cutest Disney sweatshirts and shirts. They have apparel that matches the season and well as the holidays. 

These are just a few small businesses that you can support this holiday season. Plenty more are out there as well that would love your support.