What quarantine has taught us

Colton Morrow, Sports Editor

Quarantine has taught us all so much about ourselves and how we go through life. But through this crazy year, we have seen a lot of challenges, so to get to the bottom of just how much we’ve grown I interviewed some students.

“I think the best lesson I learned was that school cannot be your one ambition or you get consumed by it,” senior Griffin Dykema said. 

School was a big contention point among students interviewed and another big issue was the people that students surround themselves with. 

“Keep your circle small and only hang around people if you know where they’ve been,” senior Andrew Reddic said. 

Others would argue that the most important lessons of all were learned through loss. This was all too common this year with all of the new rules and restrictions.

“The most important lesson I learned is to not take your freedoms and privileges for granted because they can easily be taken away,” senior Haley West said. 

One of the most important lessons for senior Allicia Brenner was an eye opener for so many about the people and places around them. 

“Quarantine taught me that I can’t trust people to actually care about me or anyone else,” Brenner said. 

 Quarantine forced us from our normal lives and gave us a chance to really learn about not only ourselves but the world around us. With this newfound knowledge we can hopefully move forward in a positive direction in 2021.