Finding the very ugliest ugly Christmas sweaters


Ezrie Camp, Reporter

A trend that started decades ago. A way that people can truly express who they are. The most beloved Christmas tradition of all. Ugly Christmas sweaters.

There are many stores that sell these hideous garments during the holiday season, with each store having its own unique styles of sweaters. 

Target has a lot of fun options when it comes to ugly Christmas sweaters. Some of my favorites included Christmas themed sweatshirts, sweaters with lights, and sweaters with pom-poms and garland. The sweatshirts were appealing because of the comfort they provide while still fitting the theme. 

Sweaters with lights are a nice twist that add a different dimension and make the sweater more intriguing. There were some sweaters that had pom-poms and garland attached as if they were decorations on a tree. This style was great because it was sparkly and simple all at the same time. Each sweater was anywhere from $20 to $35 depending on the features and style. 

Collins Park Thrift is a great store if you don’t mind wearing second hand clothes. By buying a sweater here, or at any other thrift store, they are guaranteed to be one of a kind and full of character. This store had some great ugly sweater options including ones with bells, ones with fur and sequins, and ones with glitter woven into the sweater. 

Sweaters with bells increase the ugly factor by a lot, but they add a fun sensory element that makes the sweater stand out. Another sweater option that I found here was one with fur on the neckline and sequins that made up a picture of flowers on the body of it. I thought this was a classy and different take on the Christmas tradition. 

Lastly was a sweater that had some extra sparkly flair. This sweater had metallic thread woven into it, making it stand out from the others, and by adding this and some graphics, the sweater had an ugly touch that completes the festive look. 

Sweaters here vary in cost depending on brand and condition but are definitely some of the cheaper ones I found. The sweaters were challenging to find amongst the other clothes in the store, but once they were found they were true gems of holiday spirit. is an online shop that sells exactly what they’re named for. It is an entire website that sells a wide variety of different Christmas sweaters including 3D sweaters, classic ugly Christmas sweaters, and even naughty sweaters. 

The 3D sweaters were something that I had never seen before. They are a sweater with a stuffed animal attached either on the front and back or on the front that has some sort of action. Another type of sweater this website has is just your classic ugly Christmas sweater with graphics knitted in. They have many different options that include favorite TV or movie characters or even just funny phrases. Lastly is their Naughty style which is exactly what it sounds like. These sweaters include inappropriate phrases and jokes that take a particular sense of humor to truly enjoy. 

One thing to be aware of is these sweaters are a bit more expensive because of their attention to detail, but otherwise, they are perfect for the holiday season and all that it includes.

My favorite place to shop for Christmas sweaters was because of their wide variety of unique styles that could appeal to everyone. Next would have to be Target because of the easy access to unlimited amounts of sweaters in many different styles. Lastly would be Collins Park Thrift. The sweaters were cute but were limited and difficult to find. 

There are many different options when it comes to ugly Christmas sweaters and each one has its own unique characteristics that help to contribute to the fun, festive holiday tradition.