The brightest area Christmas lights

Allison Greenwood, Reporter

Although 2020’s holiday season looks quite different from past years, the holiday excitement can be found within Christmas lights. These four locations all target different aspects of the holidays and different audiences. 

DWG House

Address: 4113 Carnation Dr, Arlington, TX 76016

Wow Factor: A front-yard full of Christmas chaos. There isn’t a theme to these Christmas decorations, but there are a lot of blow-ups.

Star Rating: ⅘ 

Overall Recommendation: Although the DWG house is quite the sight to see, there isn’t an entire street of extravagant lights, which may not be worth a long drive to look at it, but if you happen to be driving down Pleasant Ridge during this holiday season, I would recommend stopping by.



Kulesz Lights

Address: Rushing Meadow Court, 76016

Wow Factor: The lights strung over the houses, trees, and tennis courts throughout the cul-de-sac are quite awe-inspiring, and the story behind the display is even more heartwarming. Kulesz’s mother loved the Christmas lights, and she loved them even after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Kulesz now has a sign encouraging viewers to donate to the North Central Texas chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Star Rating: 5/5 

Overall Recommendation: I would definitely recommend driving through these cul-de-sacs, looking at the unbelievable amounts of lights, and even considering donating to the Alzheimer’s foundation, which catalyzed the amazing display.



Vitruvian Park

Address: 3875 Ponte Ave, Addison, TX 75001

Wow Factor: Vitruvian Park has tons of trees wrapped in lights to see as you walk around the park’s sidewalk.

Star Rating: ⅘ 

Overall Recommendation: This park was around a 40 minute drive away from my house, so I would recommend spending more time than less in Addison. I would suggest going to get dinner/dessert prior to or after walking around the lit up park to maximize the time spent for the drive. It is a Covid-friendly, outdoor activity for long holiday evenings.




Prairie Lights

Address: 5610 Lake Ridge Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75052

Wow Factor: The 2 miles of lights with themes starting with a Safari Christmas to Christmas in New York City are very entertaining.

Star Rating: ⅗

Worth the money?: I paid $30 for my car to drive through Prairie Lights, which I would say is reasonable for the experience and the demand of these lights.

Overall Recommendation: Lilly and I waited in line for three hours before getting to see the lights, so I would recommend that if you are planning to go see these lights then bring dinner, snacks, and people you enjoy spending time with. It is debatable whether the wait is worth it or not, but if you’re prepared for a long evening then I would recommend going.