Worst Valentine’s Day Ever

Madison West, Reporter

Welp, it’s that time of year again. The stores are filled with heart balloons and giant teddy bears while overpriced flower stands line the streets. Usually Valentine’s Day is an amazing day for most people, people who have dates at least.

For the rest of us, well,  it’s a reminder of that significant other we don’t have. But hey that’s okay. In fact, it’s probably a good thing to not have a date on Valentine’s. You’ll be saving yourself the risk of getting an embarrassing gift or having one of those terrible Valentine’s dates that are only in movies. 

Sophomore Micah Everett described his Valentine’s as an unforgettable day, and not in a good way. 

“I had been planning her gift for weeks in advance, I was so excited,” Micah said. 

The morning of Valentine’s Day Micah’s best friend sent him texts of his girlfriend cheating on him. 

“It hurt me a lot, but I decided to have some fun with it,” Everett said.. 

Instead of confronting her  and ending things, he still met up with her for dinner. 

“I wrapped up the screenshots of her cheating and put it in a pretty envelope and handed it to her,” he said. “I felt kind of bad because her face lit up when I gave it to her, but she shouldn’t have cheated on me. Her face got all red when she opened it up and realized what the messages were. She stormed out of the restaurant and never talked to me again.” 

Even though things with his girlfriend didn’t end too great, Everett said his night turned out better once he ate the chocolate box he had gotten for her. 

Valentine’s Day was declared an official holiday in the early 5th century, yet some people still end up forgetting the day.  

“I texted my best friend at the time and invited her over to hangout not knowing she had a crush on me,” Jacob Howard said. “The worst part was I had completely forgotten it was Valentines Day. We spent the night playing video games and I never even realized what day it was until the following day. It was probably one of the most embarrassing times in my life and somehow we’re still friends today.” 

Valentine’s Day can be a pretty expensive holiday between all the chocolate boxes, teddy bears, and flowers. People in relationships have raised their gift expectations so much over the years. 

“A boy I never even liked gave me an expensive gift my freshman year,” one student who didn’t want to use her name said. She felt very awkward and didn’t really know how to react in that situation.  

At least she received  a nice gift.

“One time I gave my ex candy he was allergic to,” senior Isabella Stanley said. “Valentines Day came up and I had to think of something, so I asked my friend to pick up something for him. She got some candy and it turned out to have nuts in it which he was allergic to.” 

Whether you’re going on a date or staying home, just remember, it’s only one day of the year.