Have a safe Valentine’s Day

Demi Quach, Reporter

The past year has been filled with various ups and downs due to the pandemic. From the lockdown to the rising cases, celebrating holidays won’t be like what it used to, although that shouldn’t stop us from wanting to celebrate the loving holiday of Valentine’s Day. 

Due to the global pandemic, it’s difficult to go out for dinner or throw parties, which isn’t very safe. So, here are some ways to enjoy some fun Valentine’s Day activities safely in the pandemic.

It’s hard to not meet up in big groups and hang out, but due to the pandemic, it’s important to keep in mind that gatherings of 10 or more aren’t recommended. For this activity, it doesn’t matter if you’re single or taken, have a gathering with a small group of trusted individuals. 

A good idea is to have a picnic in someone’s backyard. Set out a picnic blanket with some classic Valentine’s Day sweets like chocolates and candies and play fun tunes while you enjoy some sun (or some snow this year). It’s important to stay masked up when not eating and to sanitize a lot in order to keep each other safe.    

Another simple activity, whether it’s for friends or couples, is to create gift baskets for each other. A few days before, you and your friends and or loved one should prepare a small basket of goodies to exchange with each other. On Valentine’s Day, meet up with each other safely and have an adorable gift exchange, and remember that whether it’s a small plushy from the dollar store or an expensive bouquet, it’s the thought that counts.

For couples, there are quite a few activities you can enjoy while staying safe. 

One option is a painting date. You can find cheap painting supplies at a local craft store and mask up to meet at each other’s home or even in a secluded area in the park for a serene time. Unwind, play some of your favorite songs and paint away. When you’re done, you can give each other your paintings as a good memory of a Corona Valentine’s Day. 

You can also enjoy a nice bike ride, whether it’s in a neighborhood or at a park, enjoy the nice breeze with your loved one. 

The last outdoor activity is to take a trip to the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth. Taking a nice stroll while enjoying the scenery and company of your significant other never gets old. 

Are you and your loved one foodies? Well, a fun activity to do is bake a small dessert or cook a meal together. For desserts, buy a quick boxed cake, brownies, or any desserts to your liking. If you want a challenge, find dessert recipes from scratch online from websites like ‘Tasty’ and ‘TheKitchn’ and more. For a meal, an easy recipe is a homemade pizza from ‘Delish’. It’s easy, delicious, and much more fun to do with a loved one. 

For the full cooking experience, sign up for cooking classes in Dallas at Central Market. They offer two-hour classes for attendees of all ages. They require masks to stay on unless you’re sampling and you must keep a six foot distance away from others. Remember to keep clean and wash your hands before preparing any dish, but it’s okay to have fun and make a little mess.

To the fellow pairs of gamers, if you like to play games online together, set up an online date. Minecraft is a good game to set up a small date with your significant other. With the various tools and decorations in the game’s Creative Mode, it’s easy to surprise your date with pixelated flowers and sweets. You can also go on many adventures, like taking a boat ride down the river or just exploring the terrain together.    

   Whether it’s in Minecraft, Animal Crossing, or any game of your choice, just spending some quality time with your significant other is lovely. 

Looking for a quick gift for your loved one? Martin’s Key Club is selling Valograms to help support one another during this 2020 part two year. They contain various candies such as Hershey’s, Sour Patch Kids, KitKat, Reese’s, and Haribo Gummy Bears. The club offers free shipping to recipients in the Arlington area and does domestic shipping with additional shipping fees for loved ones out of state. Prices range from $3 to $6 depending on the size you buy and orders can be made online on the club’s website or in-person on campus in room 238. The proceeds from the Valograms will then be donated to charity to support childhood cancer research and in return, you can earn up to an hour and a half for volunteering hours. 

This year will definitely have some flaws like the last, but it’s important to have a safe time this Valentine’s Day and to make good memories with friends and loved ones. Remember to wash your hands, wear a mask, social distance and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!