What are things looking like with 2021 (Wanda)Vision?

Aisha Al-Refai, Editor-in-Chief

With the thought of the world returning back to normal still being a faraway dream, Disney has utilized their platform on Disney+ to bring back some big picture characters in the comfort of peoples’ own living rooms. Disney has been able to produce made-for-TV series with the same qualities as their blockbuster movies all in an hour or less per episode. 

Before the pandemic hit, movie tickets were anywhere from $10 to $20 depending on the theatre, but with Disney+, there’s a monthly fee of $6.99 a month for hundreds of titles that are constantly rotating. Even with movie theaters opening back up slowly, Disney+ is giving people more bang for their buck and they don’t even have to put shoes on to enjoy new content. 

With the Marvel fandom being content-starved since the pushback of summer-winter content in 2020, Phase 4 contains a lot of potential in the form of original series on Disney+. Most shows have a weekly upload time of Friday at 3 a.m., including WandaVision, Marvel’s first series on the platform. Since the anticipation for the show was so high, the series premiere included not one, but two episodes to build up the hype for the new show. Since this is Marvel’s newest branch of content, there was a very high standard set, making the first impression more important than usual for the company. Most of the criticism was positive, as expected, but of course there was some backlash on the mass variety of the show’s direction. Unless you had above-average knowledge on the MCU and had read some of Wanda’s comic background, the first few episodes were a little too confusing for the average viewer to fully grasp. 

(Slight) Spoiler Warning for Episodes 1-4 ahead:

Episodes 1 through 3 were just set up as a typical 50s kind of family friendly sitcom – with the exception of the whole Matrix-type reality surrounding and created by a traumatized Avenger in her 20s with her dead boyfriend. As a huge turning point for the series by reintroducing some fan favorite side characters from past MCU projects, Episode 4 was a Marvel movie in under an hour. In this episode, the introduction of many new exciting storylines occurs, as well as the explanation to the omnishamble of Wanda’s personal reality and how that coexists with current reality/and or timelines.  This is normal Marvel fashion to potentially set up an array of different twists and turns the first season will have to keep up the engagement of the show.