How to make 2021 your year 

Brooke Betters, Copy Editor

2020 was definitely a year to forget. It taught all of us plenty of new things to prepare us for the future. At the end of the year, I decided that with a new year comes new opportunities and ways of life. I’ve come up with new ways to help you become a healthier and more healed version of yourself. So, that we can all try and make this year the best as possible. 

Firstly, be attentive to your own needs. Last year I feel like took a toll on the way we take care of ourselves. Being attentive to yourself and what you need to be happy is essential for good mental health. Watch your moods and pay attention to your body. Everything from the foods we eat to the vibes we surround ourselves with affect us mentally, physically, and emotionally, so stay in tune with yourself to ensure your growth. 

Do things that benefit you. Go on dates with yourself, whether that’s going to the park, watching a movie by yourself, or doing activities that bring you joy. Putting yourself first and learning to be able to be comfortable with yourself, is truly an enriching experience. 

It’s okay to feel things. I know 2020 took us on a rollercoaster of emotions and at least for me made it almost impossible to control my feelings properly. One thing I think needs to be said is it’s okay to feel sad, happy, angry, and numb. However, you need to take the time to feel your emotions, see what they’re stemming from, and break them down so they do not mess with your peace. A lot of us struggle with anxiety and depression, this pandemic hasn’t made it very easy. So, feel everything, take the time to step back and feel. Don’t force yourself to be productive if you can’t be. 

A light-hearted way to have a good 2021 is to keep your space clean. Whether you have your own room or just your own bed, make sure it is clean and polished. Your room is a sanctuary for your mind and body, so keep it clean and I think it will improve your mood. Every day make your bed, take your trash to where it belongs, and once a week do your small weekly load of laundry. It keeps anything from piling up in your room to something that becomes overwhelming and eventually stressful.

Lastly, communicate. One thing 2020 taught me was that everyone has their own demons. You can’t have unrealistic expectations for friends, family ,teachers, or parents for that matter. No one is going to know what you want from them unless you tell them. Voice your needs or wants, people are not mind readers as much as we would hope they could be. You would be surprised how much more comes to you when you communicate. 

Those are just a few of many ways you can help yourself become the best version of you this year. It starts with the little things. Be kind to others and yourself, because it starts with the things you say, as they become what you do. Don’t speak negativity into your plans. Uplift yourself and be someone that in five years you’ll look back and be glad that you put yourself first. It’s okay to be selfish, putting yourself first is needed in order to have a healthy balance in life. No one can ruin this year for you, but you. So make it something to remember.