New year, new workout equipment

New year, new workout equipment

Ezrie Camp, Reporter

New Year’s Resolutions – what a lovely tradition they are. At the beginning of each year, people gather all of their thoughts on what they need to improve in themselves throughout that year, and the list begins. Whether it is to eat healthier, go on more adventures, or even workout more, everyone has something they hope to change.

Adding a new workout regimen is among the top New Year’s resolutions that people make each year. With a lot of gyms still closed right now due to COVID-19, some are finding it difficult to find a way to stick with this resolution, and because of the wide variety of  fitness gear, people may struggle to find the proper equipment to add to their ever-growing at-home gyms. 

There are many pieces of equipment that range in both price and function so that each person can find something that fits their lifestyle and goals. 

Bosu Ball


Make sure that both sides of the body are worked evenly

Provide balance training

Engage the core muscles to a greater degree



Improve balance

Easier on the body as the body’s overall force output is reduced when using an unstable device

Great for warm-up and cool down exercises because of the low impact

Good for injury prevention and rehabilitation



 Not for max performance for sport-specific workouts

Not the best choice for serious athletes because of the lack of overall muscle activation


Price: $129-$169


Peloton Bike


An indoor stationary bike that allows people to virtually connect with a live studio spin class or on-demand cycling classes from the Peloton library.



Easy to adjust so it fits any rider

Comfortable seat

Grippy handlebars 

Tablet is sweatproof 

Amazing, unique instructors that help to motivate and lead you on your fitness journey




Limited warranty

Must pay a monthly membership of $35 per month in order for the bike and classes to function

Rides cannot be paused




Rowing Machine


Helps endurance

Strengthens and tones muscles



Provides full-body workout; uses up to 86 percent of muscles

It’s good for people of all fitness levels

It’s low impact; burns calories without putting a lot of pressure on joints

Good for heart health as it strengthens the heart through cardio

Can be relatively inexpensive



If proper technique is not used, damage to the lower back can occur

Somewhat noisy 

Takes up quite a bit of space 


Price: $200-$1300




interactive home fitness device that streams thousands of live and on-demand exercise classes on its display while showing your reflection so you can check your form




Includes classes for cardio, boxing, yoga, and many more

Can work out with friends who have the mirror app

You control music during your classes




Additional equipment might be required 


Price: $1495; $39 a month


Resistance Bands


Provide external resistance that can help to tone and strengthen specific muscle groups





Provides a unique resistance that cannot be received from weights

Joint friendly

Trains movements, not muscles

Adjust workout with different sizes and tensions



Bands can break

Difficult to quantify and measure gains

Not great for building a lot of muscle mass


Price: $6-$30


There are many great pieces of workout equipment out there that would be ideal to add to the home-gym. Although different people have different budgets and needs/wants, there is something for everyone so that they may fulfill their New Year’s fitness resolutions.