Formula Project helps mothers during pandemic


Aysha Mirza, Designer

Through all the trouble of the past year, people have been able to take this as an opportunity to make a change, giving back to others. Six Martin students have been able to make that change by creating The Formula Project.

“The Formula is a non-profit organization founded by six teenage girls who strive to help low-income minority women provide essential products for their babies,” junior Makayla Hseihs said. “Low-income minority mothers suffer more than ever during the pandemic and we hope our organization can aid them even in the smallest ways.” 

The pandemic brought on challenges for many people throughout the world. But these Warriors wanted to help the mothers struggling to provide for their babies.

“After witnessing the shortages of baby products in the community due to Covid, I decided to take initiative with my friend Faith to confound the organization,” sophomore Vivian Nguyen said.

After a month of planning, The Formula was able to make their first donation to Safe Haven, a non-profit organization working to end domestic violence in Tarrant County.

“The team has donated over $200 worth of immediate needs supplies, from diapers to training potties,” Hseihs said. “The Formula has also created 20 plus Bundles of Joy, which are lavender-themed self-care packages for women. Each set includes lavender soaps, essential oils body washes, face masks, and more.”

To help support the organization you can purchase a care package on their website serving as a perfect gift for any occasion and all profits go towards donations for mothers. Aside from the donations and profits from care packages, Nguyen said she was able to start out independently.

“I applied for a grant and received one from a corporate company that fortunately saw potential in myself and The Formula’s mission,” Nguyen said. “I was awarded a $500 grant, and have donated every penny of it towards purchasing supplies and donations.” 

Aside from the financial help, each of the six girls has an important role in The Formula. They even took applications in early September to further improve their amazing team.

“The Formula is proudly run by a group of high schoolers,” Nguyen said. “Me, Vivian Nguyen as well as Faith Ajanaku are the founders. Makayla is Chief Operating Officer and Natalie Garcia is Chief Financial Officer.” 

After forming the perfect team, these girls wanted to take it a step further extending their opportunities to the local community. To access this opportunity, an application will be coming out soon on the website but for now, you can contact Vivian Nguyen to get approved. 

“The current primary job of volunteers is to help out with assembling the care packages, or Bundles of Joy that we then send out to expecting mothers,” Garcia said. “Teens in the Dallas Fort-Worth area can earn volunteer hours as we donate and volunteer at women’s shelters.”

As these inspiring young Warriors make a change, they not only focus on their current accomplishments but as well on expanding in the future.

“We have continued plans to donate baby items to women’s shelters such as Safe Haven, garnering donations to help mothers in need, as well as continuing to assemble batches of the “Bundles of Joy,” Garcia said. “As for the long-term future, we plan on partnering with small and large businesses to gain more baby item donations in addition to expanding our cause to a wide range of people. However, with the long-term future, the possibilities are limitless.”