Prom scheduled for May 15 at Globe Life

Colton Morrow, Sports Editor

It’s crazy to think we actually are starting to reach the tail end of the pandemic and it just so happens we are wrapping the school year up around the same time. 

With the end of the school year comes the prom, and for Martin, it is going to be its first prom since 2019. For seniors, this is one of the only normal occurrences of their year and a great way to close it out. Martin’s prom will be held on May 15 outside at Globe Life Park. Tickets for seniors are $60 each and can be purchased from April 13 to May 3. Appetizers and drinks will be provided and masks are required for entry.

For a lot of seniors, this is the chance to say goodbye to their friends before we all make our departures from the halls we grew in.

For senior Isaac Salazar, prom is some of the only fun to look forward to this school year.    

“Honestly this year wasn’t it,” he said. “I think prom is the first opportunity I’ve had to actually enjoy a little bit of my senior year.” 

For most seniors this is the first time they are going to be seeing each other in a year and a half, and though we still are in a pandemic, it is a little bit or normal in a year of disappointment and confusion. Many seniors said they enjoyed their junior year at Martin, but seemed to have continued the fun through the pandemic. 

For senior Brandon Parker, theater was his escape from the sad reality of online school.

“For me, being able to do Hamlet and theater in general really helped me get through this year,” he said. “It was good to end my year with something I enjoy doing.”

For some, this is a bitter end to a less than savory year, but with that being said, we still have this dance to look forward to. This year, prom is also still going to include a theme for all students and staff, according to event organizer science teacher Taylor Yates.

“The theme this year is roaring twenties and we are looking forward to seeing everyone dressed up and having fun this year,” Yates said.

Prom is open for all seniors who wish to attend and safety precautions will be taken to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time. More news will come about Bahama Bash in the coming weeks, so look to the Martin Twitter page for more details on that. Tickets are still available on the Martin Twitter page, so go get them while you can.