What I wish I knew a year ago…

Ruby Cisneros, Reporter

It’s common knowledge Covid has been a problem for over a year now. Nobody knew the sort of impact it would have on day-to-day lives, let alone the worldwide severity it has had. If you knew Covid was coming, what would be the item you wish you had or bought?

“Concert tickets,” junior Mandy Martines said. “Going to a concert made me feel so insanely happy and I literally went to one like once a month. I dropped so much money on concerts because they provided me with such a sense of happiness and safety.” 

During quarantine, there were so many different items being wiped out due to panic buying. From groceries to cleaning supplies, to games/puzzles, to crafting items. 

“I wanted to buy a matching necklace with my sister but since everything was closed down it wasn’t there anymore,” sophomore Jalissa Ramos said. “My sister and I have a strong bond even though we fight all the time, but I know that necklace would’ve meant so much to her.”

When Covid hit, lots of businesses were affected, especially small businesses. Luckily, small businesses really became popular during quarantine. From custom cups, keychains, masks, clothing, stickers, and many more items.

“I really wish I would’ve bought a cricut machine faster,” senior Casandra Hinojoza said. “During quarantine, my small business started with custom cups and resin items. Now my business has expanded to making sweets like candy covered in chamoy, chocolate-covered strawberries, and cheesecake plus more.”

Covid was a shock that people were not mentally prepared for. People’s mental health was affected in ways they could ever imagine. Some people were able to keep their head space in a positive area while others weren’t so good at it.

“I wish I had a therapist,” one student said. “My head was in a dark place for some time. A therapist or just someone I could’ve talked to would’ve been nice, of course now with lockdown not being harsh anymore my mental health has been brought into a better place.”