Mask- for vs. against


Helena Snegon, Staffer

Some can’t breathe with them. Some feel scared without them. While AISD does not have a mask mandate, some students and teachers feel very strongly about whether they’re for or against masks.  


“I feel like it’s better than not wearing a mask,” freshman Calise Belsiey said.  

 “I wear my mask because kids can’t get the vaccine and until Covid is over, I will be wearing a Mask,” sophomore Daniel Taylor  said.

“If people wear masks, the Covid rate could go down,” freshman Kaden Bennett said. 

“I’d rather wear a mask than get Covid,” sophomore Soondos Aboukar said.

 “A mask is important so you don’t get sick from Covid,” sophomore Elisa Ruiz Reyna said.

“Wearing them helps others,” freshman Owen Ash said.

“People who have immune system problems wear them so they can protect themselves from getting Covid,” senior Brayn Blackman said.

“It’s not a political thing, it’s a health thing and you can die from this virus,” junior Avery Bennett said.


Then there are people who are inbetween for wearing masks.

“I feel that wearing a mask is a very neutral thing, and in a crowded place it’s good to wear one, but when you’re around people you know, I feel like I don’t have to wear one,” sophomore Brookly Bell said.


“The material of the mask doesn’t protect from getting Coivd,”sophomore Natalie Goreham said.

“Masks are bull and don’t do anything for you,” sophomore Blade Barrows said.

“I feel like the pandemic is over and we don’t need to wear them anymore,” freshman Jordan Garrrett said.

“You breathe out regularly, but with the mask you’re breathing in carbon dioxide which you breathe out and it can cause cancer,” freshman Paul Allison said.


“ I feel like it their choice is a measure,” Yearbook Sub Ozzie Garza said. 

 “It’s their choice – teachers, students, faculty – and it is their right to do so,” Assassinat Principal Steve Smith said.

“I wear one if there are a lot of people, but it’s hard to understand people with the mask on,” AP Psych and AP world History teacher Griffin Goldestein said.