Dai’trell Teal


Mackenzie Estes, Staffer

On June 23, 2021, sophomore, Dai’trell Javione Teal, passed away in Arlington, Texas.  He was loved by so many and was a great friend to others. Teal was known to be a cheerful, and loving person and was very outgoing and fun-spirited. 

His friends said that Teal always made everything a good time and never failed to make everyone around him happy. 

“My favorite moments with him had to be when me and him used to hang out after school with another one of our friends and we would fight over her snacks,” junior Danivon Irwins said. “There really was never a dull moment with him.”

Teal’s classmates said that he made everyone feel welcome and knew how to make people happy. He always turned things into a good time and created an upbeat and exciting atmosphere.

“I’ve known him since the seventh grade, he was always upbeat and playful,” Irwins said. “When nobody noticed me, he did. He used to sit next to me on the bus all the time and he would make my day when I was upset. He meant a lot to me and it wasn’t until he died that I realized how much he impacted my life.”

Friends said that Teal made it his job to make sure everyone was having a good time. He had such a powerful impact on people, that even people he wasn’t very close to had great things to say about him. 

“Dai’trell was really outgoing, honestly he made anyone he met, laugh as hard as they could and he really cared about the people he was around,” junior Kohl Breland said. “I mainly saw him around the school for like three years but we were always glad to see each other and I stayed checking up on him when I did see him.”

People were always so happy to see Teal and loved to hang out and have a great time with him. He was always very positive with other people he was around.

“He was my cousin and I could talk to him about anything,” Teal’s cousin Kay Kay said.  “Everytime we saw each other, we had good times. That was my favorite boy cousin.” 

Since Teal was such a fun friend to be around, many people made great memories with him and had great stories about him.                                                                                         

“My favorite memory with him was when we went out to this party and he was the youngest one there,” Teal’s friend, Quintin Norton said. “He had me live the whole party stepping on my new forces I just bought. He kept a smile on everybody’s face. Everybody loved him.”