PDA: The Good, The Bad, and The Gross


Elyjah Williams and Inde Atwood, Staffers

Public Displays of Affection can be everything from holding hands and frolicking through the halls all the way to a makeout session in the dark recesses of the stairwell, but what do people think about it? Sixty students were surveyed, yet only 19 of them said they were not okay with PDA. 

   “I know it makes some people uncomfortable, but I don’t really care,” junior Moises Sanchez said. 

The remaining 41 students said that they were either okay with PDA, or didn’t really care too much. 

   “It’s not an ‘ew’ thing,” junior Donovan Allen said, “It’s more of an ‘ugh’ thing.”

Most people seemed to tolerate PDA up to a point, but where do people draw the line on what’s acceptable? 

   “Maybe a peck on the cheek is fine, but full-on makeout… no,” junior Avery Michiner said. 

   Senior Tyler Isgrig took it a step further.

   “It can be gross, kissing is too much, holding hands and hugging is fine,” she said. 

   The most conservative stance came from Officer Sharonda Brown.

   “I think a side hug is okay, but not a full on hug,” she said. “I don’t think it belongs in school.”

PDA supporter senior Livia Thorne said, “There’s no shame in PDA, it shows you’re with someone without being too explicit.” 

   “I’ve held hands, but not kissed,” senior Elijah Hill said.

    “It comes naturally,” Isgrig said.

Brown said that most PDA occurs in the upper gym lobby and the side hallways. Allen agreed with her, saying he sees it near the stairs or the UGL.

   “Behind the bleachers is one of the worst places,” Hill said. “And the parking lot for sure.”

On the topic of who exactly engages in the most PDA, opinions were mixed. 

 “I feel like freshmen do,”senior Elijah Reyes said. “They get super excited about this new experience of having a girlfriend or boyfriend.” 

   Freshman Oscar Valle said he agreed.

   “I see mostly freshmen doing it,” Valle said. 

   Allen, however, disagreed.

   “It’s definitely more upperclassmen,” he said. 

     Some people take PDA too far, and Thorne witnessed the worst of it. 

   “This one girl had a dog collar with a lock that only her boyfriend could open,” she said. 

Photo by Lorelai Hofer