Prom insecurities


Ally Little, Sports editor

   With prom quickly approaching all seniors are starting to wonder just how early is too early to start prepping for prom? Stress about the look, the ride, and the price are flooding our minds while also trying to enjoy the night for what it is, a party to celebrate the end of our final year as high school students. With so many things to worry about, everyone has a combination of struggles. Some willing seniors shared just what some of those struggles might be.

   Some students like senior Amethyst Brewer don’t have to deal with the finding a date aspect of prom and are very grateful for that.

   “I think being in a relationship makes prom less stressful because you can guarantee you’ll have a wonderful time with someone you deeply care about & enjoy your time around,” Brewer said.

   Many seniors will prefer to go to prom alone to enjoy the night with friends instead, but Brewer isn’t going to let her relationship get in the way of having a great prom experience. 

   “I think going single with friends would be a blast, but I much rather spend my time with my boyfriend and with all of our friends because it’s a night to celebrate each other and our time here in high school rather than just the couple or your date,” Brewer said.

   Even though senior Saima Hussain doesn’t have a significant other to go with, she said she is not going to let that dampen her excitement for the night to come.

   “I’m not too worried about being asked because I think I’ll enjoy it more with my friends rather than an actual date,” Hussain said.

   Even though there are many things about prom that could cause stress, senior Parker Kuehn has a very particular possible stressor in mind.

  “Mainly any chance of violence that could happen,” Kuehn said. “I’d hate to have my prom ruined by some people who think it’s funny to start a fight at prom.”

  Hussain said she has some more common stressors in mind but still some that resonate with many seniors.

   “I think I’m stressed about the money portion,” Hussain said. “Where I and my friends will eat, tickets, makeup, the dress!”

   One of the most important aspects of prom, what to wear, is consuming the minds of many seniors even this early in the year.

   “I’m stressed about finding a dress because of the expense, and I’m worried if I buy it too far out, it won’t fit by the time prom happens,” Brewer said.

   There are also many things to consider when it comes to the specifics of what to wear, Hussain is already thinking about what she pictures herself in for prom.

   “Considering the size and what color and if I want it to be flashy or long sleeves and the price,” Hussain said

   Whether it be online on a website like Miabella or in person at a place like WhatchamaCallit in Fort Worth, deciding when and where to get your dress can be stressful. But Hussain and Brewer already have a plan for that.

   “I’ll probably purchase my dress in January or February to get a head start before the dresses get more expensive as it gets closer to prom season,” Brewer said.

   With prom being one of our biggest events of senior year many seniors are dealing with social pressure about it, senior Grace Connely said she has felt some of these pressures.

  “I think there’s a lot of expectations around prom,” Connelly said. “You’re supposed to look your best, and you feel pressure to look the best out of everyone.”

   Hussain has felt some of the same pressures.

   “I’m a little nervous about people judging my dress or makeup,” Hussain said.

   Kuehn has thought of a pressure many of us would even think about but is a very real concern for many students. 

  “Gendered clothing,” Kuehn said. “I have no problem wearing a suit and tie but I know there are others out there that face that sort of oppression.”

 Despite all the struggles with prom, Hussain said she is not letting anything get her down about prom.

  “I just think prom will be the best thing,” Hussain said. “I am nervous to be judged, but I think the whole point of prom is to just celebrate the end of your senior year and just have the time of your life.”

  Kuehn said she doesn’t want anyone to let anything stop them from going to prom or ruining it for others.

   “I hope this gets out there for other kids to know that they can wear what they want to prom and for everyone to know that fighting at prom isn’t something that should happen,” Kuehn said.

   “Please go to prom,” Brewer said.”You’ll never forget it and it’ll be a blast, especially if you go to the Bahama bash afterward. It’s a good excuse to dress in your dreamiest dress/suit and party it up with your friends.”