Political views

Mackenzie Estes, Staffer

  Nowadays, politics is a very heavily spoken topic. Respectful agreements and discussions on political views have now turned into disagreements, arguments, and even physical fights among one another. People have even started basing their friendships and relationships solely on what other people’s political views are. The maturity level to speak on the topic of politics also comes with a wide level of respect towards others’ opinions. 

“I always feel that my opinion is overlooked when conversing with people on the other end of the spectrum,” sophomore Landyn Nichols said. “I do feel comfortable sharing my political opinions the majority of the time. Sometimes if I know that the other person has a different opinion than me, I try not to share all of my thoughts to avoid arguments.” 

When wanting to speak out and have a voice on political topics, having maturity and respect towards other people plays a big role in being an active part in politics.

  “My political views are definitely a major priority to me,” Landyn Nichols said. “I believe that it is a very beautiful thing to be able to express my opinions freely. I try to respect everyone’s opinions because I want to be treated with respect when talking about my feelings. I now try to remember that we are entitled to our own thoughts and feelings and just because we think differently doesn’t mean we have to be rude to each other.” 

  It is a good idea to be educated and have an opinion, but with that comes the maturity level to be courteous and keep in consideration both political sides.

 “I personally do not care what your political affiliation is,” Landyn Nichols said. “If we are friends before I find out your political stance, there is no reason that we cannot be friends after. However, I have lost many friends due to politics. I have been blocked, called horrible names, publicly harassed, and slandered on social media. I would never say to anybody that we cannot be friends because of our political difference in political opinions.”

 “In most political conversations most people are open to hearing my thoughts but as a conservative straight, white male, my opinion doesn’t matter to some people as they believe that people like me are ‘privileged,’ sophomore Nash Sanders said. “Yes, I am comfortable with sharing my political views to others because I’m aware of what I stand for and what I value, so I am able to openly state how I feel on certain situations.”

  Playing an active part in politics is very important to most people because they want to be educated and have a voice in what is going on in political discussions. 

“I stay active in politics and what is going on in the world as I believe all people should, but it shouldn’t control our lives,” Nash Sanders said. “I do participate frequently in political debates but I do not let political opinions determine my relationship with others, unless someone’s beliefs are extreme and endangering.”

 Many people are not comfortable with sharing their political views because they are nervous or uncomfortable about other people shutting down their opinions. Most try not to get associated with political conversations because they either don’t really care for it or they feel that their views are overlooked. 

  “I’ve never really cared that much about politics since I’m not able to vote, so it was just something I never really cared to discuss with others,” sophomore Nina Ardoyno said. “I don’t have a problem with what other people’s views are. I would never base my friendships over it though. I don’t really talk about that with my friends.”