Improvements to learning environment

Sally Rodriguez, Staffer

  With school already as stressful as it is, the environment we work and learn in must feel comfortable and safe. While some classrooms may make us feel this way, others are the complete opposite. As far as improvements to the learning environment, students have their ideas as to what they’d like added to their classrooms. 

   A large part that makes a classroom so comfortable is the lighting. Students find it easier to learn when a class’s lights are dimmed or even natural rather than dealing with the bright, fluorescent lights that are in every room so early in the morning.

     “I love my classes that have windows,” freshman Samantha Vuong said. “It makes it feel more cozy.”

   Another aspect of the classroom environment that affects the comfortability of the class is the feeling of being able to have discussions with the teacher. A teacher that makes their student feel that they are open for conversation gives the student the courage to ask questions and reach out for help from them.

    “I always want my room to feel like a safe space for students where they can come have discussions and share their opinions,” music theory teacher Lisa Hampton said.

     Some students said they found it difficult to be comfortable in a class full of peers that they didn’t know well.

   “I wish teachers would do more activities that allow us to get to know each other throughout the whole year, not just at the beginning,” sophomore Riba Hussain said.

   Other changes that students feel would improve their learning environment are warmer classrooms, comfortable seating, and even just the ability to express themselves whilst in class. Teachers who do realize that a student’s environment can greatly impact their performance in class say they make an effort to create a place that is as relaxing as students need in order to do their best in learning.

   “I like to have a warmer tone in the classroom,” English teacher Brianna Stone said. “I feel that the bright, fluorescent lights can be more overwhelming and anxiety-inducing to the students.”