Insta Trends Gone Wild

Jordan Clark, Editor-in-chief

   By now everyone has seen, heard, or even been posted on the Martin High School anonymous Instagram accounts. These random Instagram accounts popped up to the MHS public in early December and while some students find it hilarious, not everyone seems to be a fan.      

   There are some accounts that simply capture particular findings around Martin, like @Martinhighschoolbadparking, or accounts that help students like @martinpromdresses2022. There are some accounts that may simply go too far and rate students, like @Mhs_weird0s or @Mhs_werateteachers. 

   These accounts have hundreds, some even thousands of followers, but why? Nobody seems to really enjoy being on them, but for some reason, we all still find them funny when our peers are. How much fun can it really be, scrolling through Instagram and one day seeing a picture of yourself sleeping on @Martinhs_sleepers?

   Making these obscure Instagram accounts originated from a Tik Tok trend that blew up in early November. Since then, more than 20 accounts relating to Martin have been created. 

   A majority of the accounts are not harming anybody and are just comical, while others highlight students in a negative way. 

   Senior Simon Kowalski said he has not been featured on any of the accounts but is in close relation to those who have. 

   “Whether the account frames a person in a positive or negative light, it still frames someone to an objective perspective which may not represent who they are,” Kowalski said, “Even if it’s satirical, not everyone knows the person which the account posts about.” 

   Being featured on one of the accounts without providing consent to the picture or it being sent in is a violation of privacy that some students just can’t seem to get on board with. 

    Out of a poll of 62 people, 44 students did not provide consent to the picture being sent in and 33 of the 44  did not consent to the picture in general, let alone it being sent in. That is a ratio of 71 percent.  

     “I think some of these pages are okay if people are okay with having photos of them posted if they’re comfortable with it,” said sophomore Jude Vasquez, who also has not been featured on an account.

   Seniors Amethyst Brewer and her boyfriend Jacob Schultz were featured on the @Martinhighschool_couplegoals page. They were standing outside merely speaking to each other when the picture was taken. 

   “I didn’t know the photo was being taken and sure, our friends thought it was cute, but at the same time this is making kids believe you can non consensually share photos and videos of people,” Brewer said. “I think that’s wrong.”

   Having pictures being taken without consent is the main reason for negativity surrounding the infamous accounts. But we shouldn’t make everything negative, a lot of positivity has arisen from some accounts. 

   “In my perspective, I think the underclassmen might feel united somehow by doing stuff like that because it’s a trend,” Brewer said. 

   “I think that a lot of people find some of the pages funny and in a way it gets people involved in the school more just by following or submitting or even running the accounts,” senior Emily Adams said.

    Going into 2022, the accounts have died down and the negativity surrounding them has stopped and only positivity has grown.