Tu Tessoro

Tu Tessoro

Jordan Clark, Editor-in-chief

Freshman Tu Tesoro passed away Sept. 13th, 2021. Tesoro was a 14-year-old whose time at Martin was very short-lived but cherished by his friends and family. His siblings said he was known to be quiet but loving and had an amazing spirit. 

“He was always jolly,” said sophomore Khang Tesoro, Tu’s older brother. “He was always making people laugh.” 

Tu’s twin sister, freshman Isis Tesoro, has been his closest companion since birth. Their relationship was stronger than anyone’s. 

“Me and him were close but we would argue a lot,” Isis Tesoro said. “It was love when we were arguing, though.”

Everyone has their favorite memories with someone, whether those are fun memories or more calm or simple ones. 

“When we were younger we would hang out a lot with our friends and play outside and stuff,” Isis Tesoro said.

“For me it’s when we would play video games together because we would always help each other and try to progress,” Khang Tesoro said. 

Tu was involved in several things at Martin, including AFJROTC.

“The Friday before, the cadets wanted to play dodgeball at the end of the period,” AFJROTC Sergeant Gregory Keels said. “He and his twin, Isis, ended up on opposing teams. I can still remember them constantly throwing the balls at each other to get the other one ‘out.’ They were running and laughing. The laughter is still etched in my brain.” 

 Family members said that Tu’s involvement in Martin’s AFJROTC program helped him meet new people and discover so many good things about himself. He had supportive classmates and leaders to surround him. 

“He definitely liked it and was having fun,” Isis Tesoro said.

“Tu had an amazing spirit,” Keels said. “He was quiet but full of vibrance at the same time. His smile was infectious.” 

Tu also was a part of Martin’s STEM Academy, so many of his friends had the same interests and took similar classes. 

“He wanted to be an astronaut,” Isis said. “He wanted to go to Mars.”  

   “I miss him,” Keels said. “I miss him a lot. I hadn’t gotten to know him incredibly well, but with his siblings being a part of the program, it was truly a family affair. His spirit remains with us, and we are proud to have served next to him.”

Tu Mika Tesoro, March 11th, 2007- September 13th, 2021