Halloween…but make it Corona-style

Halloween...but make it Corona-style

Mallory Menard, Opinions Editor

Over the last eight months, the Coronavirus has changed everyone’s lives drastically. Everyday life is not everyday life as we once knew it. So now, as our society is transitioning into our holiday season, we need to learn how to balance staying safe while still stopping the spread. The world may still be enduring a pandemic, but we still want to spread holiday joy.

Halloween is right around the corner this year and celebrating might look a little different than what we’ve been used to. The state of Texas has not released any statements regarding the banning of trick or treating, but it can most definitely be assumed that the event will not occur in the large numbers as it usually does. Door to door knocking, and coming directly into contact with candy givers seems like a Corona-filled tragedy just waiting to happen.

Halloween is such a classic, American homestyle holiday. Canceling it would be deemed a tragedy, especially for children. Halloween is any kid’s dream day that they look forward to all year long.  A night full of candy, dressing up, and hanging out with friends is anything any little kid can dream of. This time around though, those dreams are crushed just as Corona has done with the last few months of everyone’s lives. However, Halloween doesn’t have to be completely canceled. Here are some fun Halloween activities that can replace the good ole trick or treating so that you and your family stay safe this holiday season. 

The classic, family-friendly holiday movies such as Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town, Ghostbusters, and The Nightmare Before Christmas are all available to snuggle up and watch with your favorite fuzzy blanket. While watching these light-hearted holiday films, don’t forget the classic Pillsbury Pumpkin shaped sugar cookies. A fun movie with a sweet treat will do just the trick for your Halloween cravings this year while still staying safe.

It will be hard this year, not to go out and party the Halloween night away like how so many of us may want to. Putting together a small get together with some trusted friends can definitely satisfy that celebration craving. A good place to throw this get-together is in your own backyard. Put together some string lights, a spooky song playlist, and tell your small group of friends to dress accordingly for the holiday. Some Corona-safe Halloween costumes might include a ninja, an Among Us character, a Plague Doctor (a little ironic), Spiderman or any other superhero wearing a face covering, or cowboy/cowgirl with a bandana. If there’s a different costume that might peak your interest, Amazon has tons of different mask designs and colors that will go great with any outfit.

One last Halloween activity to consider is throwing a spooky game night. Pinterest has tons of great DIY Halloween game activities that are super easy and fun. Take some cheap bowling pins, wrap them up with cloth and add some ‘eyes” and now you’ve got a mummy bowling game. Or, the classic pin the nose on the witch will suffice for any small spooky celebration.

This holiday season will most definitely come with a number of disappointments just as we all have seen within the past eight months. However, it is important to make the best of our time by having a good time while still staying safe. Mask up, and Happy Halloween!