Underrated cheesy Christmas movies

Jordan Clark, News Editor

The holiday season can be a stressful time for many, especially in 2020,  so what better way to relax than to watch a Christmas movie. We’ve all seen the typical Christmas movies like Elf or Home Alone, but what are some other fun movies you may not know about? Below are the five best Underrated cheesy Christmas movies you absolutely have to watch this holiday season. 


Holiday in Handcuffs

Trudy is the failure of the family. Doesn’t have a successful job, isn’t married, and isn’t very ambitious. Her family has rented a cabin in the middle of nowhere for the holidays and all of the family is invited, including Trudy and her boyfriend. Right before they’re about to leave, her boyfriend dumps her and she is left in shock. Her having a boyfriend was the only hope her mom had for her so she couldn’t disappoint…again. Trudy kidnaps the first man she sees and takes him to the cabin with her. Unable to escape, David, has to make the best of this Christmas with Trudy and her family. Holiday in Handcuffs is not your typical Hallmark movie watch. This crazy story will keep you on your toes the whole movie. Check out Holiday in Handcuffs on Freeform.


Holiday in the Wild

Recently divorced Kate is struggling through the holiday season and wants an escape. She decides to go on a spontaneous, solo, trip to Africa. Upon many obstacles, one thing to help her through is the pilot, Derek. Now, with the help of Derek, Kate gets the opportunity to nurse a baby elephant back to health and begins to fall in love not only with the elephant but her surroundings… and maybe Derek.  Now she has to pick between going back to reality and leaving her new home. Whether or not she is going through a midlife crisis or a distraction from her divorce, Kate’s story is one of a kind and perfect for the Christmas season. You can watch Holiday in the Wild on Netflix.


Christmas Inheritance

Ellen Langford is just trying to relax and focus on work for the holidays when her father sends her on a little adventure. He and an old business partner/best friend write letters back and forth and over the years they have quite a few of them. Ellen’s dad sends her to his hometown, Snow Falls to retrieve the letters anonymously. She finds herself trapped in the town inn by a snowstorm where she now has to work for her stay. Oh, did I mention she develops feelings for Jake Collins, the owner of the inn? This heartfelt family Christmas movie has made its way to my top ten holiday go to’s. You can watch Christmas Inheritance anytime on Netflix. 


Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas

This lovely Hallmark movie will have you itching for more by the time it’s over. Sarah is a lawyer from Chicago who has received a mysterious letter sending her to the Snowfall Inn for the holidays. She assumes the gift is provided by her office only to find out it is not. With no clue who sent her here, she goes on a hunt to find out why she is at the Snowfall Inn. Along the way, she is found crossing paths with the recently heartbroken owner of the inn, Ben. Feelings have developed, mysteries have been unsolved, work is calling, what will Sarah do? Grab some popcorn and cozy up to watch Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas. This mystery holiday movie is perfect for the Christmas Season. 


The Princess Switch

Vanessa Hudgens captures the screen once again in this holiday Netflix original. Stacy is a down-to-earth Chicago baker and Lady Margaret is engaged to Prince Edward. While running errands across town, the two bump into each other and are in complete shock to see that they look remarkably similar. The two girls are facing some challenges in their personal lives and realize it might be fun, and could help if they switch places for a few days. Margaret realizes she may not be as happy being a princess as she thought and Stacy realizes she loves Prince Edward. To see how these young ladies will overcome their obstacles, watch The Princess Switch on Netflix.