Seniors look back…and forward

Seniors look back...and forward

Laynie Stroup, Reporter

Just three and a half years ago, the class of 2021 walked the halls of Martin as freshmen. Now in a few short months, they will be walking across the stage at graduation.

“What disappointed me the most was that we didn’t really get to do any senior activities besides football games,” senior Jordyn Clinton said. “I feel like the seniors this year aren’t getting as much sympathy as the seniors last year.” 

Clinton is on the drill team and participates in theater and Key Club. 

“My best experience of all of high school was probably any of the football games,” Clinton said. “But I was really looking forward to prom in the spring.”

With all the cancelations, most seniors said they are just ready to graduate and move on to college. 

“I am planning to go to college to double major in psychology and acting,” Clinton said. “I’m really looking forward to being able to have some more freedom.” 

Applying for colleges has been more difficult than in the past. Some colleges aren’t having college visits, making the decision process a challenge.  

“A lot of times I wasn’t sure if I was filling out the application right or I was worrying that I’m making the wrong decision,” Clinton said. 

With all the focus on the future, sometimes it’s best to look back on what you’ve learned the most. 

“At the end of the day, you only have yourself and you are your biggest cheerleader,” Clinton said. “I wish I wouldn’t have procrastinated as much because it’s really not worth it.” 

Being a senior teacher also has some disappointments and challenges. 

I feel lots of guilt, but I want to be a happy place for them,” Public Speaking teacher Michelle Fratto said. “I know that they are tired, struggling, and overwhelmed. I wish I could crawl through the screen and give them hugs.” 

While students have been learning hybrid and virtual for a semester now, teachers have had to learn to adapt to this new style of teaching. 

“Not being able to see a reaction is tough,” Fratto said. “Sometimes those little black screens on my computer make me want to cry.” 

If senioritis wasn’t a real thing, it is now with online schooling. 

“I think at times they feel defeated,” Fratto said. “It is hard when you don’t have much to look forward to.”

While seniors are getting ready for college, teachers are trying their best to make them as prepared as they can. 

I hope they realize what they accomplished,” Fratto said. “I also know they are going to have a great story to tell.” 

“The best experience I’ve had at Martin was in Special Olympics and Partners in PE,” senior Bryn Kaylor said. “I took the class my junior year and it was definitely one of the best choices I’ve made and I learned how happy it makes my heart to be a friend to those with special needs.”

Throughout high school Kaylor was involved in AVID, student council, choir, National Honor Society, Key Club, Partners in PE, and Special Olympics. 

“Something different I wish I would’ve done in high school would’ve been to simply cherish community, and the people around me,” Kaylor said. “I miss sitting in my car early in the morning and watching the sunrise as I walk into school.”  

After graduation, Kaylor plans to either attend Texas A&M, Stephen F. Austin, or Colorado Christian and plans to major in Elementary Education Special Ed.

“The college admissions process isn’t very fun at all,” Kaylor said. “The most challenging thing is choosing a university.”

The class of 2021 has missed a year and a half of high school and don’t know what their freshman year of college will look like. 

“I hope my freshman year of college will be full of new and exciting changes,” Kaylor said. “I pray that it will be somewhat of a normal year and that I will be able to enjoy the traditions.”