New Covid strains bring old worries

Ruby Cisneros, Reporter

As we know, Covid has definitely been a major problem for the whole world. With different strains of Covid coming out, it makes you wonder if we’ll ever go back to normal anytime soon.

“I don’t think we will be back to school next year,” sophomore Raven Blake said. “If we do, I feel that it won’t be until second semester because they are still figuring out the vaccine. The vaccine takes time to get out to everyone and the virus is especially bad down here in Texas.”

Speaking of the vaccine, it has been distributed to different parts of the world. With different strains of covid coming out who knows if the vaccine will protect against all of them or certain ones. 

“Honestly I’m not sure about getting the vaccine,” Blake said. “I’m thinking of the side effects and it’s kind of scary, but my mom is a nurse so I’m sure she’s going to make me get it. She got it and she’s fine, so I just might get it.”

We all know that we probably haven’t seen the worst of Covid yet, especially with no lockdowns put in place. 

“Things could drastically change if we went into complete lockdown even if it’s just for four weeks,” senior Cassandra Hinojoza said, “Had we done that when we first started, we wouldn’t be sitting here a year later with so many lives lost.” 

The virus has affected our everyday life but also our mental well being. Covid has definitely put a strain on people’s lives and has made it difficult for some to get through a normal day.

“I used to be an A/B student and now I’m failing and not working,” Hinojoza said. “My depression has hit an all time low.” 

Another student, junior Samantha Wristen, shared how the virus has taken part in her life.

“The virus hasn’t affected me directly, as in my family and I haven’t contracted it, but it has had me sent home from being around someone at school who tested positive,” Wristen said. “My grades have suffered a little because the two weeks I had to stay home I had a lot of trouble keeping up and staying motivated.”

The virus has everyone wondering when will we fully be able to go back to our normal routines – when being with friends or going out to a public place will be okay again. 

“I don’t think we will be back to our vision of normal anytime soon,” Wristen said. “I think not only with more strains coming out but especially with the way America has turned it into politics rather than protecting your community, we will continue to stay at the place we are at.”